IBM and Migrato Collaboration Brings Innovative AI Approaches to Managing Unstructured Content

Here at Migrato, we’re known for our analysis, classification, deduplication and migration software, which allows unstructured content to be organized effectively, cleaned up and migrated. With a keen eye for various laws and regulations regarding documentation and archiving, our ultimate goal is to make organizations future-proof and compliant. To that end, we’re excited about our newest collaboration with IBM, which is aimed at further developing our software through the use of advanced AI technologies, including the Watson NLP Library for Embed. This library provides powerful AI models, comprehensive language support, and scalable container orchestration, enabling us to build an enterprise-ready solution. The library’s flexibility also enables the implementation of natural language AI in any environment.

Organizations are being required to comply with numerous requests and requirements of different agencies, including governments, banks, and regulatory authorities. As we looked to embed IBM’s AI into our solution, we had the opportunity to co-create with IBM’s Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab. Working together, we were able to jointly build new functionalities that can be integrated into our solution. The results of which will help enable organizations to increase their data effectiveness and meet the ever-changing requirements of regulations and privacy. With this collaboration, we are taking an important step in transforming information management. By combining the power of advanced IBM AI technologies with our solution, we enable organizations to not only effectively organize their unstructured content but also to help meet the highest standards of regulation and privacy. Together, we create solutions that not only work but also make a difference to the future of information management.